Activate Capital
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A digital startup lab
where great minds
work together.

Activate Capital

We are your tech co-founders with industry experience, digital expertise and a human face. With smart business models, focused strategy and improved valuations, our programme gives you everything you need to succeed.

What we can do for you

We are a digital startup lab. A place where we work together to make your great idea happen. Over the year we seek out entrepreneurs with outstanding digital ideas — then use our business and technology expertise to guide them to further investment and lasting success.


First you’ll pitch us your business idea. Then, if selected you’ll join our rigorous six week programme, worth £30K, in the Activate Lab. Here we dedicate our time and share our knowledge — through hands-on collaboration.


Together we craft your business model, strategy, product and design. We’ll perfect your pitch. We’ll begin the validation process, and you’ll take a big step towards market readiness. We’ll build your business into an viable, investor-ready prospect.


After the programme, the best startups will be rewarded with a seed investment of £100K, used to optimise MVP and secure future finance.


We’ve spent many years working with many types of startup. So you’ll benefit from real industry experience, learned the hard way.

The Process

We work in cycles. Each cycle funnels a startup through Selection, to Programme, to success.
What's it like to work with us? Click here to see a multi-media diary of the June 2016 programme with Tomo, the first company in our portfolio.

Stage 1: Selection

We love great ideas, so we’re interested in all types of startup – but we specialise creating digital platforms. That’s where we add unique value to your idea.


The selection cycles runs throughout the year. If selected you’ll need to prepare for a two hour pitch, where you’ll amaze us with your idea.

Apply Online

Tell us your idea. Apply here to be considered for our July 2016 programme.



Up to one hour to pitch your business (using a template which we provide).


Up to one hour to discuss your ideas in detail.

Stage 2: Programme

Now we take the most innovative startups through to the Lab. Here you’ll meet your mentors. You’ll get expert feedback on your pitch, and a comprehensive analysis of your current investment proposition.


Then together we’ll help you plot your route to future success. A tailored plan, shaped around your business, that builds on your unique strengths and addresses the unique challenges you face. We’ll identify the changes you need to make to become an irresistible prospect for investors.

30K Investment

30K product strategy programme for up to 5% of your startup

Strategy and Planning

6 week programme to develop, clarify and shape your business and product strategies.

Product Design

Design and development of a convincing prototype, rigorously tested by users.

Company formation advice

Tax, payroll and regulatory setup and key admin maintenance.

Pitch Pack

Co-creation of an irresistible pitch deck, beautiful website and compelling demo video - all delivering precisely what investors want.

Access to investors

Key introductions to investors and expert pitch coaching for future funding rounds.

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Our Philosophy

Great ideas succeed. Outstanding digital innovation won’t fail because the value proposition, strategy, business model, product plan or pitch is wrong. Because we’ll make it right.

Our Manifesto

  • We help build exceptional companies and share in their success
  • Exceptional companies are founded on great value propositions and a focused, executable strategy
  • We want to share our unique industry experience and proven expertise
  • Great design drives success
  • We collaborate in the creation of outstanding digital platforms
  • We love discovering and nurturing new, innovative business ideas
  • We are committed to and care about the businesses we work with
  • We take our portfolio to quality investors and secure the funds their great ideas deserve.

Who makes it happen?

We each bring unique expertise and huge experience. Our specialisms combine to deliver everything your business needs to succeed.

Bhavesh Gorasia Partner

With seamless organisational and interpersonal skills he plans and delivers rewarding, successful programmes, tailored to your needs.

Annette Kramer Partner

Strategy expert in helping companies raise money globally, she’ll help you start the conversations investors want to continue.

Robert Norum  

Expert in helping you define your business strategy, articulate your brand proposition, and connect your marketing directly to real sales opportunities.

Stephanie Forrest  

Global communications guru with experience in B2B as well as consumer marketing, she'll work with you to build an effective communications strategy.

Greg Rice Partner

Founded Activate Media in 1992. Offers you vast experience of establishing, nurturing and funding both UK and US startups.

Paolo Valdemarin Partner

Keeps your vision and strategy in perfect harmony. Empowers your business with the best digital platform.

Matt Mower Partner

Expert in delivering tech ROI. He stimulates and motivates, sharing unique insight and huge experience to maximise your value.

Adrian Austin Partner

Inspires you to create usable digital products with the power to drive your strategy. He will help you create a product prototype to attract investors.

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Looking for an investment opportunity? Call us on 0208 810 1003 or reach us at


Do you have a great start up idea? Call us on 0208 810 1003 or reach us at

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Let’s get in the Lab and make it happen

Call 0208 810 1003. As an investor mail us at or if you’re a startup at .